Модуль:Separated entries

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    -- This module takes positional parameters as input and concatenates them with
    -- an optional separator. The final separator (the "conjunction") can be
    -- specified independently, enabling natural-language lists like
    -- "foo, bar, baz and qux". The starting parameter can also be specified.
    local compressSparseArray = require('Module:TableTools').compressSparseArray
    local p = {}
    function p._main(args)
    	local separator = args.separator
    		-- Decode (convert to Unicode) HTML escape sequences, such as " " for space.
    		and mw.text.decode(args.separator) or ''
    	local conjunction = args.conjunction and mw.text.decode(args.conjunction) or separator
    	-- Discard values before the starting parameter.
    	local start = tonumber(args.start)
    	if start then
    		for i = 1, start - 1 do args[i] = nil end
    	-- Discard named parameters.
    	local values = compressSparseArray(args)
    	return mw.text.listToText(values, separator, conjunction)
    local function makeInvokeFunction(separator, conjunction, first)
    	return function (frame)
    		local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame)
    		args.separator = separator or args.separator
    		args.conjunction = conjunction or args.conjunction
    		args.first = first or args.first
    		return p._main(args)
    p.main = makeInvokeFunction()
    p.br = makeInvokeFunction('<br />')
    p.comma = makeInvokeFunction(mw.message.new('comma-separator'):plain())
    return p